Encouraging email security.

Per Tunedal pt@radvis.nu
Sun May 18 22:31:03 2003

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At 05:06 2003-05-18 +0100, you wrote:
 >Quoting from an e-mail I got from a real user(tm):
 >"but what is there to be encrypted? fine if we were doing something
- ---
 >Today's interfaces (gpgrelay for example) are incredibly easy to
 >use, and their is PGP which AFAIK has a polished UI. I don't think it's a
 >question of UI any more, I think it's a question of needs and threat models.
 >If you don't need something and it carries a cost you're not likely to use
 >- --David.
This is an interesting approach! It's about marketing ... A lot of people
might have a need for "our" product encryption, in our eyes. But they don't
have the same feeling.

Maybe we would have to focus some more urgent need of our prospect customers?
Any marketing Guru's around?

BTW Identification and digital signatures with competing certificate
techniques are "sold" in Sweden by e.g. the tax authorities: You need a
certificate to be able to communicate with the tax agencies etc I suppose
it will eventually be widespread, because it's more easy than filling forms
by hand.

The certificates are offered by the banks (easy because internet banking is
widespread) and the Post (the snail mails doesn't produce any revenue).
Most certificates are soft (file) certificates, but you can by an
"electronic ID-card" at one bank (Nordea) or at a postoffice.

Per Tunedal

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