Encouraging email security.

Per Tunedal pt@radvis.nu
Sun May 18 22:33:02 2003

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At 07:18 2003-05-18 -0400, you wrote:
 >David Picon Alvarez wrote (in part):
 > > With this, you further prove my point that the users' "by default"
 > > threat model is the cause. Users don't care about privacy thus they
 > > don't use crypto. That was my point in the first place. OTOH, S/MIME
 > > crypto under OE doesn't seem very easy to set up to me, since you
 > > have to get a certificate, but I wouldn't know since I use OpenPGP
 > > anyway.
 > >
 >Well, I have both the S/MIME (mine is from VeriSign) that I use with
 >Mozilla and GnuPG that I use with mutt. I used to use Enigmail with
 >Mozilla 0.99, but it does not work with Mozilla 1.01 or whatever I have now.
 >Getting a certificate from VeriSign and installing it in Netscape or
 >Mozilla is much easier than generating a private-public pair with GnuPG
 >(the easy part) and getting into a web of trust (the hard part). Even
 >installing GPG into mutt was tricky and required help from others on
 >this mailing list to do it.
 >But for me, all this is useless, and I am very sad about it. Because of
 >all the people I know, only one has the slightest interest in it, and
 >she is willing to check a box somewhere once to get it, but nothing
 >more. So if she could check a box in whatever msn.com uses for a mailer
 >saying: use encryption, she would, but not otherwise.
 >I do not know how to get around this cultural gap. But until the
 >majority start using encryption for everything, not just sensitive
 >stuff, those of us who do will just attract the attention of the very
 >busybodies whose attention we wish to avoid.
 >   .~.  Jean-David Beyer

Agree. Most people doesn't care. They even send strictly confidential
information unencrypted in e-mails i.e. people with "obvious" needs of
encryption doesn't use it. I am astonished.

Per Tunedal

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