Encouraging email security.

Wolfgang Bornath wbo@mandrakesoft.com
Sun May 18 23:37:03 2003

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** Jean-David Beyer (Sonntag, 18. Mai 2003 22:52)
> They WILL CARE the first time someone hijacks some very private
> information and gets it on the front page of their local newspaper,
> blackmails them, or turns it over to the FBI or something. But by
> then it will be too late.

I'm one of Joes or Harrys of the unwashed masses. Most of my friends and=20
aquaintances are. We exchange mails, we post to newsgroups and/or=20
mailing lists. In 99% of all cases those mails and postings never=20
consisted of 'sensitive' or even 'embarrassing' material. It is very=20
difficult to reason with something which is not there.

I used PGP and am now using GnuPG in Linux. But just the other week I=20
tried to convince a neighbor to use signing and en-/decryption. "Why=20
should I? Everybody can read what I'm writing. There's nothing I have=20
to hide! I'm not a crook or such!"

> Perhaps our politicians will start using it, preferably before they
> first run for office. ;-)

Our politicians don't use mail! (Most of them don't!)

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