Encouraging email security.

Daniel Carrera dcarrera@math.umd.edu
Sun May 18 23:53:03 2003

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> I used PGP and am now using GnuPG in Linux. But just the other week I=20
> tried to convince a neighbor to use signing and en-/decryption. "Why=20
> should I? Everybody can read what I'm writing. There's nothing I have=20
> to hide! I'm not a crook or such!"

Sigh, that kind of reasoning is probably very common.  Phil Zimmermann has=
a good response to that:


=46rom that site:

   Perhaps you think your E-mail is legitimate enough that encryption is=20
   unwarranted. If you really are a law-abiding citizen with nothing to=20
   hide, then why don't you always send your paper mail on postcards? Why=
   not submit to drug testing on demand? Why require a warrant for police=
   searches of your house? Are you trying to hide something? You must be a=
   subversive or a drug dealer if you hide your mail inside envelopes. Or=
   maybe a paranoid nut. Do law-abiding citizens have any need to encrypt=
   their E-mail?=20

There is a name for countries that follow your neighbour's line of=20
reasoning.  The countries where people cannot assert their privacy (so,=20
for instance, the police can search your house without a warrant) are=20
usually called "police states".

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