Encouraging email security.

Ingo Klöcker ingo.kloecker@epost.de
Mon May 19 00:47:02 2003

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Per, please don't remove the line which identifies the person you reply=20
to (like the "On Sunday... Per Tunedal wrote" below). Furthermore, if=20
possible, please configure your email client to add the name of the=20
person you reply to to this line. "At ... you wrote" doesn't really=20
help that much on a mailing list, especially because your replies don't=20
have headers which would allow mail clients to correctly sort your=20
replies into a discussion thread.

On Sunday 18 May 2003 22:32, Per Tunedal wrote:
>  >Mozilla could be a start, it is so big, it wouldn't make a big
>  >difference if GnuPG and enigmail would become part of it. For many
>  >Windows users it may be the first time to install an OpenPGP
>  > compliant product and to get in contact with email encryption. And
>  > if Mozilla would "complain" "Dear, XXX, you have not yet..." I
>  > think this would be a big step forward.
> An excellent idea! Go ahead!

I just want to note that currently the Mozilla developers are splitting=20
Mozilla into several smaller applications because it's so big. I don't=20
think that they would have much interest in adding GnuPG to Mozilla=20
Mail. OTOH, enigmail should definitely become part of Mozilla Mail=20
(unless enigmail becomes obsolete because of native OpenPGP support in=20
Mozilla Mail).

<shameless plug>Anyway, who needs Mozilla Mail on Linux/Unix if he can=20
use KMail.</shameless plug>


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