Encouraging email security.

John Clizbe JPClizbe@attbi.com
Wed May 21 14:31:38 2003

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Daniel Carrera wrote:

> On this note, what can we do about hotmail users?
> AFAIK hotmail doesn't offer POP3 or IMAP.  Suppose, for the sake of
> argument, that a hotmail user becomes interested in using GPG.  Is there
> any way for the he or she to start using GPG with their hotmail address?
Oh dear, Hotmail. I can see this scenario unfolding...
Encryption/Signing starts to catch on with "The Masses". MicroSoft in
their usual style of "innovation" writes a check and buys PGP Corp. The
"technology" is then "Bolted-onto"  Hotmail and offered to HotMail users
as _Secure_HotMail"_ for $9.95/yr. Secure Hotmail will also offer
"Secure Certificate Storage"" so that you may access your private key
and commonly-used encryption keys from anywhere on the Web, just by
signing-in to your SecurePassPort" account...

The mind reels from the possibilities. On a more serious note, would YOU
feel secure communicating on a platform 'engineered and secured' by

Oh yes, and then to /further/ "innovate", Microsoft proposes a series of
proprietary enhancements to fork and subvert the OpenPGP standard. The
GPG-devel community, working on providing a compatibility-mode, is
threatened with persecution under the reverse-engineering clauses of the

Still I have to wonder if SecureYahoo! would be any better.

For the time being, a Win32 user could install either the canonical or
Nullify builds of GPG along with one of the GUI frontends for Win32
(WinPT or GPGshell); or the freeware or licensed PGP 8.02. And then
encrypt/decrypt/sign/verify using the clipboard and "current window"
mechanisms.   The headache with this approach is that it is still
nonportable -- you're tied to your main PC -- unless that's a laptop
that travels with you all the time.
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