Encouraging email security.

Johan Wevers johanw@vulcan.xs4all.nl
Fri May 23 01:10:02 2003

John Clizbe wrote:

>The mind reels from the possibilities. On a more serious note, would YOU
>feel secure communicating on a platform 'engineered and secured' by

No. But I would worry MUCH more when my secret keys would be in a server
not into my control, especially if it's located in a country with a
government with a not so good reputation in respection people's privacy
and a reputation of being bribed by big companies, like the US regime.

>Oh yes, and then to /further/ "innovate", Microsoft proposes a series of
>proprietary enhancements to fork and subvert the OpenPGP standard. The
>GPG-devel community, working on providing a compatibility-mode, is
>threatened with persecution under the reverse-engineering clauses of the

Fortunately the GnuPG development is located outside the USA. The DMCA
doesn't apply in Germany. But that didn't stop the Hollywood police
either when they had the Norwegian teenager arrested for publishing
the DVD encryption algorithm and a crack for it. :-(

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