Forgot my passphrase.

Daniel Carrera
Mon May 26 05:05:03 2003

On Sun, May 25, 2003 at 07:57:26PM -0700, Joseph Bruni wrote:
> Daniel,
> If you are on a Unix system, it might make sense to do an in-place 
> backup using something like RCS. This would simply check-in a revision 
> of the key ring files into a revision controlled ",v" file. You could 
> keep it in your ~/.gnupg directory as a matter of convenience. Revision 
> control is not just for software development.
> Joe

Yes, I'm on Unix.  I'm not really familiar with revision control.  At 
least, not beyond using CVS a few times.

Tell me if I understand RCS correctly:
RCS would keep track of all changes made over a period of time.  So I 
could bring my keyring back to a previous keyring with the old password.
Did I get it right?

In that case, doesn't that miss the point of changing the passphrase?
Since my hard drive would still contain a copy of my keyring with the old 

Or... can I use RCS along with some removable media?

Where can I learn about RCS?

Thanks a lot.
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