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Denis McCauley
Tue May 27 02:10:03 2003

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Hi Dick,

On Mon, 26 May 2003 22:12:40 +0000 you wrote:

> Hello Denis,
> I visited your webpage, but I am not very amicable to execute a java
> script for importing directly a key without being able to see what will
> happen if I do. Although I must sayi the page looks very good I will not
> make use of the `Import key` buttons. 
There's no javascript, only HTML, but I see your point and l'll rework
the page just to avoid any confusion. What happens when you use the
buttons depends on your browser. Using Mozilla/Netscape (on Windows,
anyway) you just get a text page of the key which you can copy to
clipboard or disk. With IE or Opera you get the choice to open the file
or save it to disk. If you have PGP and you choose to open the file then
it IS imported in the regular PGP fashion.

> BTW, give my best regards to Maxine Brandt if you should speak to her :-))
Will do.

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