Forgot my passphrase.

Dick Gevers
Tue May 27 03:48:02 2003

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Hi Denis and others,

On Mon, 26 May 2003 14:09:12 -1000, Denis McCauley
<> wrote about Re: Forgot my passphrase.:


First of all my very serious apologies about sending my previous message
to this list. I mistakenly sent it here, having intended it for you direct
only. I made a stupid mistake not changing the address. Moreover I did
send a direct apology to you right afterwards, but that message was
returned. Again, I am sorry, I think it was inappropriate for sending to
this forum.

> There's no javascript, only HTML, but I see your point and l'll rework
> the page just to avoid any confusion. 

Thank you!

> What happens when you use the
> buttons depends on your browser. Using Mozilla/Netscape (on Windows,
> anyway) you just get a text page of the key which you can copy to
> clipboard or disk. With IE or Opera you get the choice to open the file
> or save it to disk.

Sounds very good :-)

> If you have PGP and you choose to open the file then
> it IS imported in the regular PGP fashion.

When I rarely still use Windows it`s usually for offline banking or
something else not provided to Linux users, but should I use PGP again I
believe I would indeed not want to manage my keys in such a fashion as you
did enable. Thank you for your understanding.

Kind regards,

=Dick Gevers=

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