Question to german users/ Frage an deutsche Benutzer

Wolfgang Bornath
Wed May 28 11:50:24 2003

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** DeBug (Dienstag, 27. Mai 2003 11:51)

> WK> Given a signed paper contract about the use of signatures between=20
> WK> the parties, OpenPGP signed documents can be enforcable to the
> WK> same grade as those with a handwritten signature.
> Bah! really ?
> digital keys can be stolen,
> and
> personal features can't or at least are much harder to mimic/ to copy
> Isn't it the principal difference ?

With this you question the whole concept of Digital Signing.
If this is your opinion you'd never trust a digitally signed message=20
like a hand-signed hardcopy.

IMHO it's far easier to forge a real hand-signed letter than a digitally=20
signed email.

But anyhow, as soon as communication between 2 different location is=20
involved you can't get 100% security. With a certain amount of criminal=20
energy you can forge averything.
So in the end you *have* to put a little bit of trust into digital=20
signing and de-/encryption. Otherwise you have to stick to RL=20
encounters only.

This is not a technical issue but a fundamental one.

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