Timing test of GnuPG and old PGP

Johan Wevers johanw at vulcan.xs4all.nl
Sun Nov 2 07:34:36 CET 2003

rhkelly wrote:

>RSA function ever used. (Even if I was wrong, for a very
>large file, the time required will depend almost entirely
>on the speed of the symetric cipher used).

I agree on that.

> > ...my copies of the pgp 2.6.3ia source are from 1998.
>Is 2.6.3ia the same as 2.6.3i?

Almost. The "a" version has one small bug fixed (I believe something with
the time on signatures when using DST), but the "a" isn't named in the
official filename of the source distribution.

Mine says:

Pretty Good Privacy(tm) 2.6.3ia - Public-key encryption for the masses.
(c) 1990-96 Philip Zimmermann, Phil's Pretty Good Software. 1996-03-04

so the software is even older, from 1996.

>If not, is ..ia source available on the web? TIA,

I'm affraid it's increasingly difficult to find. The only
place I know where to find a copy is my own site, on
http://www.xs4all.nl/~johanw/pgp263is.zip . A signature file
from the official distributor, Stale Schumacher, is included.

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