Timing test of GnuPG and old PGP

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>Subject: Timing test of GnuPG and old PGP
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>In any case, isn't it unlikely that RSA implementation
>would make any difference when PGP/GPG is used as a file
>encryptor? I assume that in such case the passphrase is
>hashed into the symetric cipher key (IDEA(?) for PGP 262,
>AES(?) for GPG), and the file is encrypted without any
>RSA function ever used. (Even if I was wrong, for a very
>large file, the time required will depend almost entirely
>on the speed of the symetric cipher used).


if anyone is interested to try the timing comparisons,
Disastry's versions of 2.6.3i allow for any of the symmetric algorithms,

Disastry's multi versions of 2.6.3 up until version 5, are available
(with source code in each zip file) at zedz:


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