GPGME available as DLL?

Jonathan Boles jaboles at
Wed Nov 5 18:29:52 CET 2003


I'm writing a program in RapidQ that uses GPG functionality to sign and 
verify stuff being transmitted to and received from a server. I tried 
using GPG itself but this was impossible, because I couldn't find a way 
of automatically giving it the key passphrase in the command line other 
than using --passphrase-fd. Using passphrase-fd 0 works fine in a 
console window but it won't work with ShellExecute because it doesn't 
take pipe/io-redirection symbols. I tried "echo secret| gpg 
--passphrase-fd 0", "type passphrase.txt | gpg --passphrase-fd 0" and 
"gpg --passphrase-fd 0 < passphrase.txt" and none of them work when 
executed using the API. The app I'm writing encrypts and decrypts 
multiple times, so popping the console and getting the user to type in 
the passphrase each time is unacceptable. GPGME looked like it might be 
the way to go, but I could only find source.

What I'd like to know, is GPGME available as a DLL? The source code is 
pretty useless to me since I don't know C (at all) and I wouldn't know 
the first thing to try and compile it into a DLL.

If not, what other options do I have?

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