gnupg for a multiuser system

rhkelly rhkelly at
Thu Nov 6 23:02:34 CET 2003

John Clizbe wrote:

>>I read a lot of manuals how to install GNU on a windows 2000 
 >>computer, because I wanted to know, if it's possible to install
 >>GnuPG on a single computer with multible users.
> It /can/ be done, but it won't be very pretty. Just about all 
 > the defaults and instructions for installing GnuPG on a
 > Windows box are more in tune with the way things were
 > done on Win3.1 and Win95. Most of the work will
> be in setting up each user.
> There's no Windows Installer work done, so you will have to 
 > find some way to create the necessary registry settings in
 > HKCU; keyring directory for each user; and have a base set of
 > of files copied in with default keyrings
> and gpg.conf.

Which shows, once again, why it is *wrong* for application
developers to follow Microsoft's directive to store application
environmental data in the system registry. It is somewhat
understandable when it's done by programmers who have seen
nothing but Windows and heard no voice but Microsoft's, but
its outright depressing when one sees something like that
done by the likes of GPG developers...!

> Following the Windows logo recommendations for location and 
 > such will probably make it a bit easier to find ways to do most
 > of this and ease maintainence later...
> ...  and use %USERPROFILE%\Application Data\GnuPG for the
> location of HomeDir - put gpg.conf and default keyring files there. 

As long as there is an alternative for the user that wants
his or her data on - for instance - a removable medium...

Roger K.

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