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Markus Duck wrote:

> I read a lot of manuals how to install GNU on a windows 2000 computer,
> because I wanted to know, if it's possible to install GnuPG on a single
> with multible users.
> Unfortunatelly I found no information for this topic. Now, I thought, maybe
> you can help me with my little problem. Or maybe you know someone, who had a
> problem like this before.

It /can/ be done, but it won't be very pretty. Just about all the defaults
and instructions for installing GnuPG on a Windows box are more in tune
with the way things were done on Win3.1 and Win95. Most of the work will
be in setting up each user.

There's no Windows Installer work done, so you will have to find some way
to create the necessary registry settings in HKCU; keyring directory for
each user; and have a base set of files copied in with default keyrings
and gpg.conf.

Getting gpg onto the %PATH% can be done either by adding it to the system
PATH setting or creating an AppPath entry. Since there is more than one
binary, adding it to the system PATH is probably easiest.

Following the Windows logo recommendations for location and such will
probably make it a bit easier to find ways to do most of this and ease
maintainence later.

My preference would be to get the Nullify build ZIP archive, install it in
%PROGRAMFILES%\GnuPG and use %USERPROFILE%\Application Data\GnuPG for the
location of HomeDir - put gpg.conf and default keyring files there. See
the file install.reg that accompanies Nullify.

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