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Stewart V. Wright svwright+lists at
Sat Nov 8 16:12:53 CET 2003

G'day Carl and Neil,

* Neil Williams <linux at> [031108 14:23]:
> > I have tried signing messages with evolution it seems it attached the
> > signature not inline.
> You mean Evolution is attaching the GnuPG signature as S/MIME (just as this 
> one is S/MIME via KMail) - I'm afraid last time it was discussed, Evolution 
> deemed this unworthy of fixing and you're stuck with S/MIME if you continue 
> to use Evolution. The alternatives are Mozilla+Enigmail, KMail or Mutt. (I 
> think Mutt does inline - can someone please verify?)

Mutt understands both (for sending in checking).  :-)  
It's a smart little doggy. 

No plugins needed.

What's the problem with using S/MIME anyway?


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