v3k differences when generated in gnupg and in pgp 2.x

Maxim Britov udjinrg at forenet.by
Wed Nov 12 09:38:59 CET 2003

> >I cannot find difference between 2 keys.
... skip ...

Thank you very mach!
I had try all you flags yesterday, but I used --s2k-mode 0 :(

I can create key now:
gpg --expert --pgp2 --s2k-mode 0 --s2k-cipher-algo idea
in GnuPG from www.nullify.org.

> in order to generate a key from gnupg that will be compatible in pgp
> 2.x,
> it is necessary to use the following additional options in gnupg, besides
> the ones you used:
> --simple-s2k-checksum
> --s2k-mode 0 
> --s2k-cipher-algo idea 

I can create key and export it into The Bat!
Thank you!

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