Mutt and GnuPG

Thorsten Haude linux at
Wed Nov 12 22:40:36 CET 2003


* Ash Varma <tnedor at> [2003-11-12 22:15]:
>On Nov 12 20:47, Thorsten Haude wrote:
>> * Ash Varma <tnedor at> [2003-11-12 04:27]:
>> >I get "^M" (without the ""'s) in mutt if i decode any messages in mutt
>> >that use inline sigs.
>> Any, as in any of one particualar person? What about this one?
>Does not matter who it comes from.. Usually, if the message has inline
>sigs, it gives me this problem... your message was decoded correctly.

Well, it may very well matter if the error is with the source, not
with your system. The sympton points to some problem on a Unix/Windows
boundary, and my guess is that you see this error only with mails from
Windows MUAs.

- Do you use Mutt's inline pager?
- What do you see in a mail sent by your own system?
- Could you forward one of the signed mails to me? (Attachment,
- Oh, I just guessed that you see the ^M at the end of each line, is
that right?

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