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Wed Nov 12 21:41:31 CET 2003

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G'day Ash,

A couple of thoughts...

* Ash Varma <tnedor at> [031112 21:23]:
> > >I get "^M" (without the ""'s) in mutt if i decode any messages in mutt
> > >that use inline sigs.

That does sounds like a windows problem.  However you said you're
running on GNU/Linux.  Is your mail server modifying messages
somewhere along the line?  Does this message have the ^M's???

> Does not matter who it comes from.. Usually, if the message has inline
> sigs, it gives me this problem... your message was decoded correctly.

"Usually"?  Is this not a consistent problem?  Also Thorsten's
messaage wasn't signed as inline so it shouldn't cause problems...

> My mutt information is listed below.

Checked against my various mutt versions and the only differences are
              ===                        ===

But I can't see that this would make a difference (not that I have any
idea what DL_STANDALONE actually is!)

My suggestions (if my message comes up with the ^M's) are to :

 1) Send yourself an inlined signed message and see if you are getting
    the ^M problem, then send yourself a signed message from another
    external (i.e. Yahoo) acct and see if your MTA is messing with the
    messages in transit.
 2) Take this question to the mutt list (

 3) Set up your mutt properly so that Mail-Followup-To doesn't include
    you... You get this message on the list, so you don't need it
    twice!  :)

Hope this helps,

Version: GnuPG v1.2.3 (GNU/Linux)


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