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Ash Varma tnedor at
Wed Nov 12 15:24:33 CET 2003

On Nov 12 21:41, Stewart V. Wright wrote:
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> G'day Ash,


> * Ash Varma <tnedor at> [031112 21:23]:
> > > >I get "^M" (without the ""'s) in mutt if i decode any messages in mutt
> > > >that use inline sigs.
> That does sounds like a windows problem.  However you said you're
> running on GNU/Linux.  Is your mail server modifying messages
> somewhere along the line?  Does this message have the ^M's???

Yes... ^M at the end of every line... I am fairly certain that the mail
server is not modifying the message. My mail is pop'd off Yahoo Mail by
fetchmail on the local box. I even tried this by removing all my filters
and spam-assassin, and I still get the same output :(

> > Does not matter who it comes from.. Usually, if the message has inline
> > sigs, it gives me this problem... your message was decoded correctly.
> "Usually"?  Is this not a consistent problem?  Also Thorsten's
> messaage wasn't signed as inline so it shouldn't cause problems...

The messages signed by mutt (I press 'p', enter my password, then hit
'y' to sent the message) works without problems.. I have a filter set up
that signs the message inline and if I send this to myself, I get the ^M
at the end of every line (after filter message starts with BEGIN PGP
SIGNED MESSAGE, etc. and finishes with END PGP SIGNATURE).

> My suggestions (if my message comes up with the ^M's) are to :
>  1) Send yourself an inlined signed message and see if you are getting
>     the ^M problem, then send yourself a signed message from another
>     external (i.e. Yahoo) acct and see if your MTA is messing with the
>     messages in transit.

Yes.. Get this on both counts :(

>  2) Take this question to the mutt list (

I'll ask there.. Thanks

> ASIDE...
>  3) Set up your mutt properly so that Mail-Followup-To doesn't include
>     you... You get this message on the list, so you don't need it
>     twice!  :)
I'll change this...



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