IDEA licence (was: Timing test of GnuPG and old PGP )

Holger Sesterhenn Holger.Sesterhenn at
Thu Nov 13 09:41:38 CET 2003


> This brings up an interesting question (at least to me).  PGP carries the
> symmetric cipher type with the public key.  Switching from PGP to GnuPG
> while maintaining transparency to the recipient would seemingly require IDEA
> for those who have specified it.  Being in the USA, this would presumably
> require a license?  Are licenses available?

Try There is a FAQ about IDEA.

You can avoid using IDEA because most of the current OpenPGP compliant
implementations can handle 3DES or CAST as a symmetric cypher.

If you import your keys from PGP to GnuPG, you should remove IDEA from the
preferences and update your key on the public keyservers, if necessary.

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Holger Sesterhenn

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