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David Shaw <dshaw at> wrote:

> Nothing is broken here.  You have a v3 signature on your subkey, which
> implicitly makes it a sign+encrypt subkey.  When GnuPG sees a usable
> subkey, it uses it instead of the primary.  PGP can't make signatures
> with subkeys, so it uses the primary.  Everything is working as it
> should.
> That said, while the key is valid, the makeup of the key
> is... eccentric.  You have a self-signature with class 10, which GnuPG
> doesn't generate.  PGP does generate it, but it wouldn't have put
> Blowfish in the preferences.  Then you have a v3 subkey binding
> signature which neither GnuPG or PGP generates.  The key flags are
> missing completely, making your primary key into a "sign+encrypt" key.
> What did you use to make this key?
The v3 subkey binding signature is characteristic of keys made with PGP
6.5.8ckt. Further, I had the same problem with my RSA key when I moved from
this application to GnuPG some time back.

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