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The easiest is to cut/paste the keyblock into Notepad and save it as a file.
Then use the --import command of gpg.

Especially so if it is ASCII armor and has the BEGIN/END Key Block monikers.

Now, I've had good luck on Windows using WinPT.  On the Key Manager window
simply click on Edit then Paste (after cutting the key from another source).
WinPT will walk you through two other windows and then the key is in the
keyring.  In fact, I wouldn't use GnuPG on Windows without WinPT.  But,
that's my bias.


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I'm new to using encryption and have a question that I couldn't find an
answer to in the how-to's and FAQ.  When someone posts their gpg key on
a website, how would I import that key so I can use it to send that user
an email?  Is it as simple as copying and pasting it somewhere?  I'm not
sure if this matters, but I'm running Kmail on a Linux and FreeBSD box.
I'm also wondering how I would do this on a Windows box?  My parents are
using Windows XP and I would like to have them use encryption, as well,
when needed.   

Thanks for the help.

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