Migrating keys

Atom 'Smasher' atom-gpg at suspicious.org
Mon Nov 24 15:48:43 CET 2003

1) the second signature on your new key (the self-sig is the first)
should be from your old key.

you can also revoke your old key with a note that it's been superseded
by your new key; specify the new key ID, type, fingerprint, etc.

2) depending on why your creating a new key, it might be an option to
expire the sub-key and add a new one... that way you keep your signatures.

3) i would not accept a signed message (in itself) as a reason to sign &
trust a new key... i'd still verify the new key either through verbal
(phone) or physical (in-person) verification with the key's owner.

4) note: #1 and #3 contradict #2. in the case of #2 i'd accept the new
encryption key solely because it's signed by a trusted signing key; in the
case of #1 and #3 i wouldn't. i'm not sure why my brain wants to draw that
distinction, but it does... logically all of the above examples are
signing a new key with an old (trusted) key.


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