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Ben Finney
Fri Oct 3 13:50:02 CEST 2003

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On 03-Oct-2003, Atom 'Smasher' wrote:
> let's say i have 2 identities....
>         employee@big-corp
>          radical@big-corp-sucks
> obviously, each of these identities should be kept *FAR* apart.

Indeed, they should not be seen to be the same person.

> according to the documentation [that i've found], all you have to do
> is use the gpg "edit-key" and "adduid" to add an ID to your key-pair,
> and then you can use one key-pair for multiple IDs.

This is the way to have multiple IDs one one key, so that all those
different IDs can be clearly seen to be the same person (since they are
on the same key).

This is quite different to what you're asking.

What you seem to want is for employee@big-corp to *not* be identifiable
as the same person as radical*big-corp-sucks.  In this case, they should
not both use the same key, since each key is assumed to be used by one
person only.

My recommendation would be for radical@big-corp-sucks to (a) set up a
separate keypair, and (b) use anonymising email networks to post
anything he doesn't want easily traceable to himself.

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