newbie question about identities

Fri Oct 3 20:32:02 CEST 2003

Atom 'Smasher' wrote:

> let's say i have 2 identities....
>         employee@big-corp
>          radical@big-corp-sucks
> obviously, each of these identities should be kept *FAR* apart.

Perhaps it would be better to state the problem in a more
fundamental form: the first identity requires no anonymity,
the second does.

If you think of it, the purpose of Public Key Infrastructure
(PKI) is directly opposite to the notion of anonymity.
(If I can be flippant here, that which is *public* can not
be *anonymous*). Thus, no matter what the implementation
details and protocols are, PKI will be detrimental to
anonymity. Anything/anybody that requires anonymity should
stear clear of PKI. (please note I said 'PKI', and *not*
'public key cryptosystems').

It is, IMHO, quite disturbing that many novices do not
understand this, and that the problem of anonymity is
never addressed by the extensive GPG documentation.

Roger K.

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