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Adam Pavelec wrote:
> On Thursday, October 09, 2003 6:15 AM [GMT-5=EST], John Clizbe
> <JPClizbe at> wrote:
>> Did you add "C:\GnuPG" to your PATH? Also there are a few Registry
>> Settings that need set -- save the lines between the ++++ to some file
>> with the extension .reg, edit to reflect your configuration, and
>> double-click in Explorer to install.
> Forgive me if I am wrong, but aren't the registry entries /only/
> necessary when GnuPG is located somewhere *other* than C:\GnuPG ?
> -Adam

No, you are "correct". The registry entries are /only necessary/ when
GnuPG is located somewhere *other* than C:\GnuPG.

There are a few system management and security practices that would
recommend a different directories: keeping programs and user data
segregated; grouping program files -- applications versus OS files;
keeping user data under the user's profile directory; using the builtin OS
access restrictions to keep data secure...

C:\GnuPG\ as installation and GPG home directory works fine if you are
certain you are the only person that will ever use your machine --
otherwise anyone sitting at the keyboard has access to your keyrings and
any other GnuPG data that may also be there - key revocation cert perhaps?

You pick your threat model and security measures - you should also
appropriately pick your GnuPG installation directories.

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