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Adam Pavelec wrote:

> Ture...  Indeed...  Then again, there are some helper apps that use GPG
> which expect to see these Registry entries, even if the GPG directory is
> located in the root of C:\ -- WinPT Tray/WinPT OE come to mind...

And GPGshell expects to find gpg.exe somewhere in the PATH

> Personally, I've always used C:\GnuPG and, to make things ultra-simple,
> placed a copy of gpg.exe in %windir%

Yeah, that avoids adding to the PATH, but is subject to breakage if
versions are different -- e.g. some app depending on a feature present in
version X, but version Y is somewhere earlier in the PATH. One of my
dislikes of WinPT was that it installed it's own copy of GNuPG, even when
one was already already present on the system.

> To each his own, right?!?

Absolutely!! But why advocate potentially insecure procedures for the sake
of easy? But easy will probably continue to trump secure even after all
the business ink devoted to HIPPA and continuing popular press coverage of
thefts of personal information and identity theft.


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