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Thu Oct 9 22:58:14 CEST 2003

> > at this point, i'd assert that the documentation is flawed. there should
> > be EXPLICIT mention of the fact that multiple IDs using the same key-pair
> > will leave those multiple IDs visible to each other... if one has multiple
> > IDs that should not leave a trail to each other (politician and anarchist,
> > member of a church and a gay rights group, etc), then each ID must have
> > it's own key pair.
> OK, so the documentation should be EXPLICIT about what most here would
> seem to consider obvious.
it might be obvious to anyone who's familiar with the system, but i think
it's sending the wrong message to anyone who's new to pgp/gpg.

> Hey, feel free to offer up an update to the documentation. That's another
> FREEdom of Free Software.
> BTW, What if one is an anarchist politician?
> Being gay and a member of a church is only a problem for select values of
> CHURCH. Might be a problem if one is closeted, but closets are so-o-o-o-o
> confining, don't you think. 8-})
who ever said anything is wrong with being an anarchist politician? of
course, one's constituency might not be comfortable with that... and a gay
member of a church... i don't see a problem with that, but many people do.

so a paragraph or two should be re-written.... i can make a submission for
that... any suggestions for a politically correct cast of characters to
portray such a situation?


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