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Atom 'Smasher' wrote:

> so a paragraph or two should be re-written.... i can make a submission for
> that... any suggestions for a politically correct cast of characters to
> portray such a situation?

Thank you for offering to fix the offending passage(s).

As a Southern(U.S.)-raised borderline-Bubba "Affectionally-Different
Melanin-Impoverished Oppressor-Of-WoFem" 8-}), I'm not the best to offer
advice on "Politically Correct". But if you need a cast of characters, the
common Dramatis Personae are (From _Applied Cryptography_):

Alice	First Participant in all the protocols
Bob	Second Participant in all the protocols
Carol	Participant in the three- and four-party protocols
Dave	Participant in the four-party protocols
Eve	Eavesdropper
Mallory	Malicious active attacker
Trent	Trusted arbitrator
Walter	Warden; He guards Alice and Bob in some protocols
Peggy	Prover
Victor	Verifier

Actually, I think the contradictory roles already discussed would work fine.

Alice could be <ACoder at> and <Insider at>.

You could have Bob be <Robert at> (Work),
<Choir at> and <Bubba at ACT-UP-Atlanta> to show how
including the work address on both keys would link the other two addresses
in a keyserver search.

I'm sure other scenarios can easily be created. (Now to dodge the PFLAG
and GLAAD mob)

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