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> Thank you for offering to fix the offending passage(s).

ok, so the part that i'm taking issue with is:
	Additional user IDs are useful when you need multiple identities.
	For example, you may have an identity for your job and an identity
	for your work as a political activist. Coworkers will know you by
	your work user ID. Coactivists will know you by your activist user
	ID. Since those groups of people may not overlap, though, each
	group may not trust the other user ID. Both user IDs are therefore

i'd prefer to see something like:
	Additional user IDs are convenient when you use multiple names or
	email addresses which do not [socially] conflict with each other.
	For example, you may have a day job working with computers
	(employee at big-corp), and you also take night classes at a
	university (student at university). If it's OK that people
	who know you from one environment can also know that you're
	affiliated with the other environment, then both IDs can share the
	same key.

	On the other hand, if you work for Big-Corp, and you're also the
	webmaster at Big-Corp-Sucks, then it's probably a better idea that
	these IDs do *NOT* share the same key. GnuPG allows you to create
	additional key pairs, which is important if you don't want one ID
	to point directly to another ID. Additional key pairs can be
	created the same way as your first key pair, with --gen-key . When
	encrypting or signing, use the --local-user option to specify an
	ID other than the default.

any comments?

are there any documentation maintainers on this list?


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