large file decryption error (zlib)

Petr Koloros silk at
Mon Oct 13 02:24:04 CEST 2003

Hi all,

I've encrypted quite a large file (15 gigs) with gpg 1.2.1 and decryption
causes this error:

gpg: uncompressing failed: unknown compress algorithm

I've listed raw data size with -vv parameter and the size is wrong. It says
2651277312 bytes but it is too far to 15 gigs. And the error occurs right
when gpg decrypt this amout of bytes.

I've tryied to hack the gpg to continue after this limit, but
unsuccessfuly. Can anyone help me to decrypt this file or should I say good
bye to my data?

encryption method was: "gpg -e file" on Linux

Thank you, 

Petr Koloros

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