Can anyone tell me why it is happening (fwd)

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-er- no you did not mention you were Vegan?   

So, How long did it take you to get here from Vega? [Humoring Atom as I call
the laugh factory about Atom]

What kind of gas mileage do you get on a 27 light year trip?  [The funny
farm hands are driving up in their padded van]

Were there any good motels on the way?  [Those industrious cleaners of toys
in the attic are sneaking up behind.]

I hope you have pictures from your trip.  [GOTCHA!  Snagged in the butterfly

Sorry, I had a couple of smart-alec pork chops for lunch.   

I wouldn't be so mean with you, but, you were being mean with Jeanine, who
probably didn't ask to be put in charge of her laid-off cow-orker's work, in
addition to her own.  (BT-DT-2)  You act like you're punishing cpfoods for
laying off people, when in reality, you're only punishing Jeanine for
surviving the company headsman's axe.  

That's happened to me. The company cans people with needed expertise, then
hangs the remainder out when they can't fill the billet. I've been told to
RTFM and fix the problem by end of day or don't come back tomorrow.  I'm
sure several others on this list have had similar experience.  Sux being
fired for incompetence in something that never was in your job description.
My company uses the term "all other duties as assigned"; which means, if
tomorrow they need me to be a helecopter pilot, me and my passengers are
gonna die trying to fly.  

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>   Have a little compassion.  I went to Jennine's company's website and 
> they don't appear to be one of the mega-corps that are moving jobs to 
> Asia to save a buck.  They look like a small specialty food company 
> who's customers aren't buying anymore, because their jobs are getting 
> exported to Asia. When the town's biggest factory closes, the local 
> grocery store lays off people, too.  (Oh! Boy! I got that tee-shirt.)

if a company chooses to fire people, instead of lowering executive salaries,
it's simply not reasonable to expect the remaining work force to pick up all
of the slack, always for no raise in pay. FACT: productivity
*WILL* drop... let them waste money on efficiency experts who can put that
into a graph.

they want to fire someone who knows how to do a job, and then transfer that
responsibility to someone at the bottom of the totem pole? RTFM on company
time... THAT'S the cost of doing business...

i checked out their website too.... did i mention that i'm vegan?


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