Can anyone tell me why it is happening (fwd)

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Mon Oct 13 13:04:40 CEST 2003

>   Have a little compassion.  I went to Jennine's company's website and they
> don't appear to be one of the mega-corps that are moving jobs to Asia to
> save a buck.  They look like a small specialty food company who's customers
> aren't buying anymore, because their jobs are getting exported to Asia.
> When the town's biggest factory closes, the local grocery store lays off
> people, too.  (Oh! Boy! I got that tee-shirt.)

if a company chooses to fire people, instead of lowering executive
salaries, it's simply not reasonable to expect the remaining work force to
pick up all of the slack, always for no raise in pay. FACT: productivity
*WILL* drop... let them waste money on efficiency experts who can put that
into a graph.

they want to fire someone who knows how to do a job, and then transfer
that responsibility to someone at the bottom of the totem pole? RTFM on
company time... THAT'S the cost of doing business...

i checked out their website too.... did i mention that i'm vegan?


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