Can anyone tell me why it is happening (fwd)

Ben Finney ben at
Tue Oct 14 17:50:37 CEST 2003

On 13-Oct-2003, Eugene Smiley wrote:
> Atom 'Smasher' wrote:
> > personally, i have little compassion for employers who lay people
> > off, so i'm not gonna lose any sleep if they can't decrypt their
> > mail while a former employee scrambles to keep food on the table,
> > and a roof over their head.
> I too "have little compassion for employers who lay people off," but I
> disagree with your making this Jeanine's problem.

I didn't see any suggestion that it should become Jeanine's problem.
Rather, the suggestion was that Jeanine make it the company's problem --
by reading the documentation, training herself in how to solve the
issue, on the company's time.

If Jeanine expends her own resources to solve the issue, then it *does*
become her problem -- she's validating the original decision to load her
with more work than she's being paid for.  If she requires more training
for duties that she didn't ask for, then that's the company's
responsibility to ensure she receives that training.

> She's probably no different than the person who was laid off and
> probably has MORE work due to the lay off.

Which is another good reason not to validate that decision by accepting
the extra burden of training on her own time, or with her own resources.

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