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Millis Miller wrote:
> At the moment, I have a .forwards that sends all email to the
> program to parse. I'd like to have that email preprocessed so that
> it can: - decrypt it if encrypted - check the signature if signed
> and pass the post-processed email to the program (adding say some
> X-Headers to say if the signature was good/bad etc.). How can I do
> this (bearing in mind that emails are normally MIME encoded by
> email clients when signed/encrypted)?

Since you're using Procmail (I gather from '.forwards'), this message,
Titled Calling GPG from Perl from Procmail from... points to as a solution saying that you
don't need to use the Pine functionality.

> A second question is that I'd like to have the program
> automatically encrypt emails when sending to people if possible. Is
> it a better solution to have a local keyserver (pks) to control
> these keys, or provide a mechanism to directly place keys onto the
> ajudicator's keyring?

Well, it seems that your email program supports outgoing encrypion.
With the volume of keys you'll have (I expect it to be low, 20-50 per
game) I'd suggest using a keyring over a keyserver (overkill).

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