Problem with Encryption of Mails

Timo Schulz twoaday at
Mon Oct 20 11:00:50 CEST 2003

On Sun Oct 19 2003; 22:59, Torsten Villnow wrote:

> - after having entered the passphrase and pressed "ok" the following error
> message pops up: "Encrypted with RSA Key, ID xyz, 'Joe ...' Decryption
> failed: secret key not available."     (Joe is my buddy who sent me the

Hmmm, this is weird. Did you check with GPG on the command line that
you are really able to decrypt the file?

If both keys are listed in the dialog, it should work. Maybe you can
use the File Manager and "List Packets" to check that the msg is really
encrypted with both pubkeys.

> Obviously the program seems to have "forgot" between those key strokes
> somehow that the mail is for me, and expects the passphrase from Joe now.

Usually WinPT only shows the dialog with the information from GPG. It
does not decide what key to use. This is a GPG thing.

> the decryption of a mail, which the sender as encrypted with only my public
> key works as expected:
> - the decryption window shows only my public key
> - the encryption works just fine

Please make sure you use GPG 1.2.3 or better.


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