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Sun Oct 26 21:08:44 CET 2003

ok, not everyone can remember "strong" passwords like:
		iD0F`r"Z6 ^X?|/J+oix
esp when they're not used several times a a day.

so, here's a (probably incomplete) list of apps that could help. of
course, if you're storing a bunch of passwords in one of these, and you
forget the master password, you're hosed.

	* Figaro's Password Manager

	* pwman - password management program

	* Gringotts

	* Gpasman

palm OS
	* Strip

	* Keyring for Palm OS

a non OS dependent solution could be storing your password(s),
electronically or printed, in a safe-deposit box or a safe. remember, any
"safe" that can be carried away is not secure ;)

it's suggested that a "real" safe should be at least 600 lbs (275 Kg)
and/or be bolted to a concrete floor... otherwise it's too easy for an
attacker to carry the safe away and crack it at their leisure. and then
there's the locking mechanism of the safe...


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