Outlook express messes up when it receives gpg-signed mail?

Ingo Klöcker
Thu Sep 4 22:11:02 2003

On Wednesday 03 September 2003 18:51, Chris Niekel wrote:
> I sent my mother an email-message the other day, and signed it, as I
> do most of my mail. Today, my mother complained that I sent an empty
> message.
> When I sent an unsigned message, the text gets displayed, but when I
> send a signed message, see sees an empty body, with two attachments.
> Is there some configuration-option so that I can sign my mail and she
> can read it without clicking too much. She doesn't need to verify my
> signature, just read the text-attachment of it.

The others already explained that OE sucks. Do your mother a favor and 
install a less dangerous and more standard compliant email client like 
for example Netscape/Mozilla on her machine.