subkey lookups

Jason Harris
Fri Sep 5 03:14:02 2003

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On Thu, Sep 04, 2003 at 06:42:41PM -0400, Jason Harris wrote:
> Once I reload, I'll have lookups on subkey keyids
> functioning for most cases.  A test query on my home machine:
> %pksclient $pk index 0x7EEF44BE -vf


OK, sending keys (with subkeys) to, whether they
have any new data or not, is sufficient to register their subkey
keyids and make the new lookups work.

If anyone wants to test any keys, you have about an hour before I start
reloading them en-masse.  0x49E1CBC9 and the key above are already
in there:

                   Public Key Server -- Verbose Index ``0x49E1CBC9 '' (p1 o=
f 4)

              Public Key Server -- Verbose Index ``0x49E1CBC9 ''

Type  bits/keyID    Date       User ID

pub  4096R/99242560 2002-01-28 David M. Shaw <>
     Key fingerprint =3D 7D92 FD31 3AB6 F373 4CC5  9CA1 DB69 8D71 9924 2560
New!  attempt to lookup keyholder on
sub  2048g/1643B926 2002-01-28
     Key fingerprint =3D F0EC 51D9 2ED0 C183 8977  DDD0 AE28 27D1 1643 B926
sig  0x18  99242560 2002-01-28 [keybind, hash: type 2, f1 ac]
sub  1024D/49E1CBC9 2002-01-28
     Key fingerprint =3D FC2A 0E9B 5122 7D7B 5923  2CE6 E266 5C87 49E1 CBC9
sig  0x18  99242560 2002-01-28 [keybind, hash: type 2, 2d 85]
sig  0x18  99242560 2002-01-28 [keybind, hash: type 2, f1 ac]

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