How to stop from using Secondary key

Shannon Jensen
Fri Sep 5 23:27:01 2003

Hello, I'm new at gpg and encryption in general. Bear with me! I am using 
GPG1.0.6-2. I have a public key from a friend and when I try to encrypt to 
it, it says :
gpg: using secondary key ******** instead of primary key ******
gpg: NOTE: secret key ******* is NOT protected.
gpg: THIS key probably belongs to the owner
gpg: reading from "xxxx"
gpg: writing to "xxxx"
gpg: ELG-E/RIJNDAEL encypted for: *******

When he gets the file, he can't decrypt and I think it's because of the 
encryption with the secondary key but I have no idea why it's doing that or 
how to make it stop. And it just started! It didn't do this before. Please 
help! and Post an answer in "dummy" terms please! Thanks!

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