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Ben Finney
Sat Sep 6 13:57:02 2003

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On 06-Sep-2003, Cerion Armour-Brown wrote:
> I want to create a key with multiple id's, for my different email
> addresses and 'roles' - work, personal, web etc.  But, in certain
> cases, I don't want different people holding my public key to see my
> different email addresses.

Once your public key is published, there's no way to prevent it being
copied to various places.  In particular, people are encouraged to
uploade knopwn-good keys to public keyservers, where they are then
available, in full, to anyone.

If you don't want information to be available to everyone, don't put it
on your public key.  By design, the public key is meant to be
distributed as widely as possible, so that everyone can verify (once
they have a trust link to your key) that email from any of your uids is
actually from you.

If there are email addresses you only want communicated to certain
parties, communicate those email addresses separately from the key, via
a more controlled medium.

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