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John Clizbe
Sat Sep 6 20:12:01 2003


Cerion Armour-Brown wrote:

> Hi,
> I want to create a key with multiple id's, for my different email addresses
> and 'roles' - work, personal, web etc.  But, in certain cases, I don't want
> different people holding my public key to see my different email addresses.
> I read this mailing list history, where there was a discussion over when to
> use separate keys vs. multiple user id's... but what I want is to export
> different versions of my public key, each version with only the id's I
> specify...
> Is there a way to achieve this?  Is there a reason this is a 'bad' thing to
> even want to do?!

You not going to achieve this using one key. First, you can safely assume
that your key or key parts will find their way to a keyserver. Once they are
on a keyserver, the IDs will once again be combined and viewable for all.

If you wish for different e-mail addresses to be visible for different
roles, then a separate key for each role is the correct model. It is also a
common practice among some users of ggp/pgp. The work key may have an
expiration date and/or be revoked if you change employment - datails you may
not wish to have cluttering your personal "home" key.

With few exceptions, there are no "good" and "bad" in key management. There
are practices that fit differing needs. There is a Yahoo! group, PGP-Basics,
 that you may also wish to join and ask your question. They field this type
of inquiry all the time. (

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