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Eugene Smiley
Fri Sep 12 19:09:02 2003

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Eugene Smiley wrote:
> Ah, well I correspond with some users who use S/MIME and some who
> use PGP/GPG. I'm just too lazy to remember to switch back and forth
> between the two when I can do both. ;)

Then someone goes and posts the message below to about the CryptoEx plug-ins that manage the
signing process under MS Outlook or Lotus Notes. Un/forunately I am
done with Outlook and Notes. ;)

I just need to get this put in as a feature request for Mozilla...

> Glueck & Kanja is very pleased to announce a new technology based
> on the OpenPGP and S/MIME standards. To make a long story short: By
>  converting PGP key material into X.509 and vice versa we are able
> to offer E-mail encryption for both standards based on a single
> smartcard or keyring within one application. But instead of the
> proprietary X.509 usage used by other vendors we offer the complete
>  compliance to the openpgp standard by using PGP keys for PGP
> encryption and X.509 certificates for S/MIME encryption.
> We are posting these news to the PGP Users List because we would
> like to start a discussion about this approach and because we are
> looking for corporations wanting to take part in an early bird
> program. Here are the first few paragraphs of the press release:
> Universal Encryption Technology CryptoEx enables PGP and S/MIME for
>  Windows 2003 PKI and Smartcards
> Offenbach, September 10th, 2003 - The CryptoEx Software Package for
>  Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes is the number one e-mail
> encryption for several hundred thousand clients in enterprise
> deployments at AUDI, Siemens and other leading companies worldwide.
>  The next-generation technology now available with the CryptoEx
> Client Platform v3 enables the use of the PGP(tm) and S/MIME
> encryption standards without requiring a PGP(tm) key
> infrastructure. The revolutionary CryptoEx v3 Kernel is able to
> convert X.509 private key material on smartcards or tokens (or even
>  stored in the Microsoft Windows certificate store) into PGP key
> pairs and vice versa.
> A possible deployment could be a standard Microsoft PKI based on
> the Windows 2000 or 2003 Certificate Authority, Active Directory
> and Windows on the desktop. Simply by installing the CryptoEx
> Client the user is able to generate a PGP(tm) keypair from the
> X.509 key material and to use both technologies for sending and
> receiving PGP(tm) and S/MIME messages. The user interface
> encapsulates the complex encryption system in an easy-to-use GUI -
> the user does not even need to know anything about PGP(tm) or
> Based on the local key conversion, the CryptoEx Enterprise
> Keyserver offers a trusted PGP(tm) and X.509 certificate to the
> communication partners carrying out an advanced key comparison on
> the server. This enables the communication with GnuPG, PGP(tm) and
> all kinds of S/MIME clients.
> More Information: and
> ###
> Glueck & Kanja Technology AG, located in Offenbach am Main/Germany,
>  is manufacturer of applications for encryption and digital
> signature. The corporation is a member of the Glueck & Kanja group,
>  which was founded in 1990. The product range CryptoEx, which has
> won several international awards, is widely used by large
> enterprises such as Audi and Siemens.
> ===================================================================
>  glueck & kanja technology ag christian-pless-strasse 11-13,
> d-63069 offenbach, germany phone +49 69 800706 0, fax +49 69 800706
>  66 web
> ===================================================================
>  use strong cryptography to protect your e-mails!
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