Can't decrypt PGP 8 msg

Eugene Smiley
Thu Sep 11 15:06:02 2003

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Anonymous Sender wrote:
> Eugene Smiley:
>> Ah, well I correspond with some users who use S/MIME and some who
>>  use PGP/GPG. I'm just too lazy to remember to switch back and
>> forth between the two when I can do both. ;)
> Why sign your messages manuallly? You could automate the whole
> thing and never have to worry about it again. Tell your mail
> program to hnad your message over to a script (instead of sendmail
> or whatever you use), which signs/encrypts the message on a per
> recipient basis. Use S/MIME for some and OpenPGP for others. If
> done right, it will save you lots of 'signing' time. The above
> assumes a secure box, where your signing secret (sub)key and
> passphrase are stored on disk or handled by programs like
> gpg-agent.

The only signing time that I have is entering my passphrase. It would
be even more work for me to create the system you suggest as my main
PC is running XP and not Linux. What I am doing is completely valid.

Many people complain about broken MUA's, specifically Outlook and
Outlook Express, but where these two products handle S/MIME well many
OSS MUA's don't. Consider it my way of pointing this out. Long live
OSS. ;)

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