Mads Laursen
Sun Sep 21 18:38:02 2003

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On 20/09/03 20.05, Alan Batie wrote:
> I went ahead and told it to do the picture thing, and it recommends a
> 240x288 picture size.  So I tell it to load the 100x127 head shot I saved
> with photoshop's picture quality 3 (fairly low, out of 10) that is 9k
> and it complained how huge that was and was I sure I wanted to do that.
> What is a typical file size for photo id's?  I'd think you'd want them to
> be a decent resolution or they won't be much good for ID purposes...

Speaking for myself, I think the picture on my key is quite usable for
ID purposes (although there is some blocking), and it packs the full
240x288 pixels of truecolor jpeg into 2385 bytes. The main trick to
getting the picture this small was replacing the background with a
single color. From that point on I just cranked the compression up
untill I had a small enough file.

Looking at my keyring (contains mainly keys of people who post to the
various mailinglists I read), I see keys from 2KB to almost 14KB
(which I think is a bit over the top), with 3-5KB being the "normal"


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-- Karl Lehenbauer

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