FW: Outlook 2003 problem

orv orv@no-comply.com
Thu Sep 25 01:25:02 2003

Fair enough, the only reason I asked here was because of this mail from =

> Dear Customer,
> thank you for your service request.
> GnuPG, as well as the G DATA-plugin for this tool are open =
and are not supported through our > > company.=20
> Please visit the appropriate channels/pages (p. e.
> http://de.groups.yahoo.com/group/gnupg-forum/ or
http://www.gnupg.org/(en)/index.html ) for information about > > these =
and solutions to problems.
> ** please include all previous mails into your further service =
requests **
> With kind regards
> G DATA Software AG=20

(*) << insert what ever fits best

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On Wednesday 24 September 2003 09:36, orv wrote:
> I don't want to sound ungrateful for your suggestion, but I kinda=20
> thought the purpose of this mailing list would be to resolve problems, =

> not work around them :)

I don't want to sound <insert whatever word fits best>, but the purpose =
this mailing list is to resolve problems with the free software product
GnuPG but not with all GnuPG related software and especially not with
proprietary, closed source plugins from third parties.


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