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Fri Apr 9 06:32:12 CEST 2004

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(using gpg 1.2.4)

can someone show me some real-world examples of using:

trying this:
	$ gpg --cert-notation "%k=xyz" -u smasher --sign-key 4697BE6F
gives me this error:
	gpg: a user notation name must contain the '@' character

that seems *sort-of* wrong, after reading the man page.

but i did get this to work:
	gpg --cert-notation "xxx at xxx.xxx=xyz" -u smasher --sign-key 4697BE6F

is there a way to include notation data in self-signatures? would that be
a good way to specify something like:
		"This key is not to be used for legally binding signatures."

if that can't be done (in a self-signature) with a notation packet, what's
a good way to make such intended use of a key clear?

what are good reasons for using notation data? what are bad reasons?


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