--refresh-keys stops working while processing

Jens Kubieziel gnupg at kubieziel.de
Fri Apr 9 23:00:18 CEST 2004

* Johan Wevers schrieb am 2004-04-07 23:28:27:
> Jens Kubieziel wrote:
> >After waiting some 10-20 minutes I killed the process. When I retried it,
> >the gpg-process stopped at approximately 110 keys. I can reproduce this
> >error for every "--refresh-keys".
> >What can be the reason for this? (I was only the whole time.)
> I have the same. I assume it's a long delay in the keyserver response.
> When I wait very long the process will finish.

It seemed to be. I chose another keyserver and it worked without further

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